Monday, February 18, 2008

Spring Is So Cheery O's!

The Cheery O's Pillow pattern is for every beginner knitter (and everyone else for that matter). Fun to knit, felt and then needle felt. And a great use of bits of wool stash, even the tiniest pieces! Finish the pillow yourself, or even better, send it to a professional to sew up and start your next knitting project.

Cheryl Ritter loves to needle felt and needle felt and needle felt! After seeing her many versions of the Cheery O's pillow in person and some begging on my part, she sent this wonderful photo taken by her husband. Everyone in her family requested (and received) their color version. And they all work!

Okay, since you've asked I'll start to divulge my numerous projects on the needles. Scary to think I've got deadlines next week for projects I've promised to designer friends for their books. I'll be sketching and swatching, but one piece must be completed by Friday. Keep your fingers crossed! I'll use a hand painted yarn from

Blue Heron yarn, colorway Leaf. Visit them at: . It turns out that their bulky rayon chenille felts. It becomes very soft and drapy and I'll use those qualities in a cabled scarf. I'll have to start it today. Yikes!

My knitting is calling!


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