Sunday, January 21, 2007

Okay, I'm back!!!

What a whirlwind three months of starting up Lots of fun and exaustion!!

What's new?

Well I recently completed the Wildflower Cushion using 18 colors of Knit Pick's Wool of the Andes. That yarn really felts well and is a great bargain for the knitter/felter at $1.99 for a 110 yd skein! Love it!

Also re-thought the Bucket Bag in Cascade's Pastaza and then needle felted the front using a Noro yarn because the colors were soooo great! I really do like needle
felting! It's easy, like coloring when you were a kid. Very satisfying, so long as you don't felt your finger! Looks really polished!

Also, I have to mention another great yarn I found from A bulkyhandpainted chennille. I knit it into a cabled scarf and then felted it (hot water wash). The result is a silky, soft finish, much like Touch Me when it's felted, but only one skein is required for the entire scarf which makes it amazingly affordable at about $36 (retail) for 240 yards.

Other Stuff

We were snowed-in in Portland after the MLK holiday for a few days. Fun at first, until Bob the dog ran out of dog food. So we trekked up a huge hill (no way to get cars through the snow)with our sled, filled it up with dog food, groceries, stopped at Starbucks, then home again. A 2-1/2 hour round trip exercise in 29 degree weather! Thank goodness we're back to our normal winter weather now!

I'm off to visit my friend Alice, the owner of Tangle Knitting Studio in Lake Oswego, Oregon, for Sunday afternoon knitting circle and chatting. I'll update you next time on the latest from the "girls".