Monday, June 30, 2008

The Ravenna Satchel Available August 1st, 2008!!

I just finished designing the Ravenna Satchel.

I've been waiting to start work on this bag for almost a year (that's how long my queue is). Finally it's here.
The Ravenna Satchel was knit in Zitron's Classic Loft (from the Skacel Collection) using the Intarsia method. The front and two sides are knit as one continuous piece. Then the front piece is felted and needle-felted afterwards.
The top, bottom and back are knitted in black, to avoid bleeding onto the light pink background of the front Intarsia flowers, they were felted separately and then the bag is sewn together.
I used amazing bag hardware from do check out their gorgeous rings, feet, buckles and buttons---true art!

I'll be hosting a knit-along for the Ravenna Satchel at in late September, they are taking sign-ups now. Please join me, we had such fun on the last knit-along for the Needle Felted Bucket Bag!

The pattern will be available at on August 1st!
Do visit me on Ravelry!! I've just updated all my designs and info and photos there.
The construction goes on in my office (yes, we're very, very late). I'll post photos soon. It's been a difficult process! I guess what they say about construction is true!!


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