Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Inspiration & Interpretation

Sometimes inspiration comes from flipping through fashion magazines (but not always). I saw this fabric on the skirt above and loved it. I wondered how to interpret it in a felted swatch which might end up being a handbag or a pillow.

First, I sketched my

interpretation in the same colorway.

I knit, felted and then needle-felted the outlines around the leaf and flower motifs.


Maybe a color change was in order.

I was inspired by the printed fabric on an upholstered chair.

The result is the pillow you see here, which will be published in Pam Allen and Ann Budd's next book in their series ColorStyle this Fall.

So the path from here to there can be quite interesting in both life and design.

It never seems to be the same road traveled to get from inspiration to interpretation.

And that's the fun of it!


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